Meredith, 19. Communications/ History Double Major, Political Science Minor. I dig uniqueness. La House de Bougie 2014 - Eclectic Composure. Live long and prosper.

Cray Gray ( heelyeahtarright ) made me doOoOoOoOOoo this selfie challenge :3 Meh. I’m an idiot. Most of these selfies are proof of that. Circumstances of the aforementioned selfies include:

1. Drunk off cheap beer from a concert in an alley (April 2014).

2. Not paying attention during an Astronomy lab on a roof (April 2014).

3. Trying to be cute after dying my hair(April 2014).

4. An ironic selfie denoting a professional promotion in lieu of work (May 2014).

5. Being silly on the Great Wall of China (June 2014).

6. Taking a selfie on a camel named Kuzco while riding through the Australian Outback (May 2014).

So, yeah. I’m a goofball. I’m passing this along to spexx-n-things, idonuts, twigsdevaux, allysonsthebomb, its-reynolds-wrap, and perpetual-crescendo <3


As requested by the lovely Danny Nett tarfeels the six selfie challenge. myhandsareparalyzed, mynameisringo, ladiesofkazakhstan, give it a go!

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